This is how the Samsung Galaxy S8 will look like?


This is how the Samsung Galaxy S8 will look like?

It’s likely that Samsung will announce their 2017 Galaxy S series flagship smartphone around April. The recent rumor from Chinese social website Weibo has leaked out its design. It appeared to have a very high screen to body ratio that visually looks very appealing to us.

Based on the image we seen above, it seems Samsung has decided to ditch the physical home button and capacitive navigation keys.

However, we are curious as to why the on-screen buttons didn’t appear on the screen. There are explanation suggested that Samsung could have developed a full-screen mode, which can be manually activated to take advantage of the entire display.

There’s a possibility that the keys are hidden and would only appear when a user swipes up from the bottom of the screen. That would be an amazing new innovation from Samsung which we would like to see.

All this shall be revealed on the suggested launch date which is said to be on April 18. Stay tuned with us to look forward for the launch of Samsung Galaxy S8!