[TUTORIAL] How to install another WhatsApp, WeChat, CoC etc account on your Android device

parrallel space 01[TUTORIAL] How to install another WhatsApp, WeChat, CoC etc account on your Android device

We are currently living in a digital world where Social media and emerging mobile technologies are slowly taking over our daily life.

While most of our smartphones nowadays are equipped with dual SIM capability, sad to say users are still facing difficulty to use multiple accounts for WhatsApp, WeChat etc apps.

Today, Mdroid will be introducing an Android app that is going to change everything for your phone! This app is called “Parallel Space”.

It allows your phone to be able to open two accounts for Android apps such as WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook and even Clash of Clans!


parrallel space 02

Click Here to Download Parallel Space

The app is actually very simple and straight forward. All you need to do is install and open the app, then add the app you want for dual accounts into the Parallel Space app, and it will duplicate the app to your homescreen for you to login to your second account.

For the duplicated app, there will be a “+” icon shown behind the app which means the app now is running in two accounts such as WhatsApp+, Facebook+ etc.


parrallel space 03Most of you now must be thinking how are we suppose to have two game accounts in a single phone as it need to sync Google Service account. Well, the Parallel Space also allow your phone to add an additional Google account which basically means you have two accounts in a single smartphone! Amazing, isn’t it?

parrallel space 04It should be noted that this app does not require Root Access to use it, and its basic requirements require your phone operating system to be Android 4.0 and above with ARM to be able to run it. If your device is running Intel X86 chipset, an error message will appear meaning that your device is not supported!

Give this app a spin, and let us know how you feel about it!